Service Update – Print areas on hoodies

Print areas on hoodies

Due to the feedback that we have received from you; we have taken measures and worked on increasing the print areas on hoodies to give you more space for designing. We have increased the print areas on our hoodies. 

The print area on standard hoodies with stitching at the sleeves which is straight will now be: 350 x 300mm 

The print area on hoodies with raglan sleeve will now be: 270 x 270mm 

This will not cause any disruption to the existing products as all products created using the old measurements will still be available to resellers that used those in their Saved Product section. 

All new products will be created using the new measurements.  

The products that will be affected are as follows: 

AWDis Cross Neck Hoodie JH021 

Anthem Classic AM001 

AWDis College Hoodie JH001 

AWDis Varsity Hoodie JH003 

Stanley Stella Cruiser STSU822 

Stanley Stella Cruiser Denim STSU719 

Stanley Stella Slammer Heavy STSU867 

Stanley Stella Slammer STSU856 

Stanley Stella Drummer STSU812 

Gildan Heavy Blend Pullover Hoodie 18500 

Build Your Brand Heavy Hoodie BY011 

 B&C ID.003 Hooded Sweatshirt WU121 

Stanley Stella Streeter STDW143 

Stanley Stella Flyer STSM565 

Continental Pullover Hoody N50P 

Stanley Stella Sider STSU824 

Stanley Stella Trigger STSW148 

AWDis Kids Hoodie JH001B 

Process & timeline

The first five products have already been updated and the following updates will take place in the upcoming 2 weeks. If there are any problems or any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team and they will be able to assist you. 

As mentioned before, we are still proceeding with the system which will be performed in a similar way. The changes will involve new print positions and corrections to the existing ones as well as templates updates. Any mock-ups created so far would be archived and fully working as long as you need them to, and the new updated versions will be replacing existing product builders for the future product creation. This will guarantee no disruptions on your end and no need for any changes. 

Kind Regards,
The Team at Snuggle Partners

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