What are your turnaround times?

Our turnaround time is appro­ximately 5 working days after we have received the order.

What garments can you print on?

We can print on a wide variety of garments. With DTG printing the more cotton in a garment the better it will print.

We can also successfully print onto Polyester blend garments and some 100% Polyester brands.

I need my design to print in black?

It can sometimes be hard to tell if a true black has been selected when designing artwork.

To ensure the printer recognises pure black please check your artwork by opening the colour selector in Photoshop and ensuring the hex value is #000000.

Where can you print on the garment?

We can print on the front, back, front left or right chest, sleeves, inside neck and on the nape.

Can you ship direct to my customer?

We can ship direct to your customer, it is a white label service and therefore non of our details would be enclosed or attached.

What artwork formats do you support?

We recommend using High quality PNG/JPG but also support uploads in PSD,EPS & PDF formats.

We have a youtube video dedicated to artwork including some handy hints and tips.

What ecommerce platforms do you integrate with?

We currently have an ecommerce integration with Shopify which is available.

We also have integrations coming very shortly for:

I cannot see my question?

If you cannot find your answer her please email: help@snugglepartners.co.uk with your question and we will be more than happy to help.