Packaging update - April 2022

Packaging update - April 2022

Here at Snuggle, we believe in minimising our impact on the environment to respect the world we live in. We already use environmentally friendly inks; our processes have zero water waste and by printing on demand we are ensuring a sustainable eco friendly method to print by reducing excess waste. 

To continue our values with respect to environment; beginning May 3rd we will switch to 100 percent eco-friendly packaging. All orders will now be packed in appropriate paper bags or boxes at no additional cost to you.  

In the coming weeks, all resellers who have previously used this option as a special packaging option will have the special charge removed from their accounts. 

Why have we decided to switch to paper packaging? 

It is better for the environment 

The primary advantage of paper packaging is that it is better for the environment. Your company will produce fewer carbon emissions and waste and reduce the amount of plastic being produced and used. 

It is better for the people 

People, including your customers, benefit from paper friendly packaging. They'll appreciate the fact that you're not infusing their homes with harmful synthetic chemicals and be able to recycle the paper bags with ease. 

It will help enhance your brand's image 

Your paper friendly packaging will help you establish a solid reputation. According to Nielsen, 73% of global shoppers would change their shopping habits to reduce their carbon footprint. Repeat orders, social media shares, and lifelong supporters will come as a result of such dedication. 

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