Service Update - Feb 2022

Upcoming Stock Changes

We hope that 2022 is treating you all well and that you have had a roaring start to the year.

Some of you may have received emails about recent product updates as we've been ironing out some of the problems that our team is finding with the inventory.

We apologise in advance for the multiple emails that you may receive. There may be product links which need to be reviewed and updated due to the changes that have been made.

The majority of the product updates involve adding new sizes, new colours & print positions.

Products & Availability

One significant change will be with stock updates, we will no longer mark items as 'unavailable' when they are out of stock as this is causing issues for those partners who have integrated stores and linked products to those items.

This will result in the team contacting you if an item is out of stock to ask for an alternative item, we can keep a record of substitute items you would like us to use if you would like us to so any future orders will automatically be changed to your preferred substitute item. Please be aware that this does mean you will still be able to purchase items which are known to us to be out of stock. This is an ongoing process at the moment which we're aiming to complete over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

We will provide you with an update once it's completed, in the meantime if you have any other feedback or notice any problems on the platform please don't hesitate to reach out and let the team know.

Kind Regards,
The Team at Snuggle Partners

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